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Commercial Cleaning Services Customized For You

Keeping your office or property clean and in good repair is important for the overall professionalism, health, safety and productivity of your business. High Shine Cleaning offers One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly commercial cleaning services.

Our services include:

Routine Janitorial:

  • Janitorial—We will perform routine janitorial work including cleaning and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, mopping and vacuuming, dusting, cleaning glass surfaces, and more.
  • Maintenance—Light maintenance services we can provide include fixture installation, grounds keeping, pressure washing, lock replacement, and first-floor window cleaning.
  • Special—We provide specialized services including grout cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, carpet extractions, and floor stripping and waxing.

Our menu of services that can be combined to meet your individual needs includes:

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Office Cleaning

High Shine Services has become the St. Petersburg, FL headquarters for office cleaning that provides the kind of clean that will allow you to concentrate on building your own business. And we offer our services at prices that won’t bust the office budget.

Quality office cleaning can mean more to a business than simply clearing out the clutter. Office space that is free of trash, dust, and dirt is more welcoming to visitors of your business. Studies have shown that a clean atmosphere also will encourage employees, decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity.

Our office cleaning services run the gamut, from keeping your floors and carpets clean to dusting and eliminating trash and clutter. We know that we are entering your domain when we come to clean, so all our employees are completely vetted by us and share our dedication to honesty and reliability.

We can schedule our office cleaning services to fit with your schedule and we are available seven days a week to meet your needs. Our teams will arrive as scheduled and take care to minimize any disruption because we all understand the importance of being able to work without being disturbed.

At High Shine Services, we are a green service and can use cleaning products that minimize harmful fumes or other effects on the environment while still doing the job. We know your office space is occupied by different individuals who may have different reactions to cleaning products, so we are happy to work with you on defining what is allowed.

Create the kind of office atmosphere that you and your employees deserve with top notch office cleaning by St. Petersburg’s own High Shine Services.

Keep your office looking sharp with office cleaning by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.

Janitorial Services

The team members at High Shine Services are known for their professionalism and attention to detail when performing routine janitorial services. They will arrive as scheduled with the equipment and products they need to perform the work requested. You can contract with us to have our cleaning service performed daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Plus, we work around your schedule. Our services are available during the daytime, nighttime, after-hours or weekends.

Routine Janitorial

  • Mop Floors
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Empty trash receptacles
  • Polish metal and chrome
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens
  • Dust desks, vents, partitions, furniture, and fixtures
  • Clean interior windows and partition glass
  • Replenish disposable products
  • Dust high- and low-reaching areas

Keep your office looking sharp with janitorial services by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.

Floor Cleaning and Waxing

It’s always underfoot, but rarely noticed unless something is wrong. Your flooring, however, can be a major asset of your commercial operation, letting people know you mind the details and want to maintain a clean environment.

At High Shine Services, we are the floor maintenance experts that many of our commercial neighbors in St. Petersburg, FL turn to for the best quality services available at the lowest prices possible.

Our floor maintenance programs will care for any type of flooring, including hard wood, carpeting, and, particularly, vinyl composite tile (VCT). If you enter almost any commercial office building, school, hospital, library, retail outlet, or other business, you likely will step on a VCT floor. As a result, we have become trained in the proper care and maintenance of these floors to be able to brighten their appearance and extend their lifespans.

We know, for example, that sticking to a schedule of regular maintenance and using the proper products will go a long way to preserve the look of your VCT floor. By using the right products, such as a polyacrylate floor finish, we can keep your floor clean and shiny with less labor and at lower cost.

Our list of floor maintenance services includes:

  • Mopping
  • Stripping and waxing
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Carpet extraction
  • And more
  • Flooring is an expensive item to repair or replace. We at High Shine Services can help you keep your floor looking better for longer and impress the visitors to your commercial location.

    Keep your office looking sharp with floor cleaning and waxing by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.

Light Maintenance

The High Shine team can also perform light maintenance duties around your office. From light bulb changing to pressure washing, we can help you keep your business is ship shape. Plus, we offer these services seven days a week to fit your schedule.

Light Maintenance

  • Change light bulbs
  • Replace Air Filters
  • Assemble and Repair Furniture
  • Maintain Common Areas
  • Pressure Washing
  • First-story window cleaning
  • Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Installation of Fixtures
  • Grounds Keeping

Keep your office in good repair with maintenance services by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.

Construction Cleanup

Our professional cleaning teams are available to cleanup before or after a construction project. High Shine is ready to help make your project a success with pre-construction cleanup services and post-construction cleanup services. We can remove clutter in preparation for a project, remove debris after the demolition phase of your project or clean up after all the work is done. We are available seven days a week.

Construction Cleanup

  • Remove trash and debris
  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Dust and clean fixtures

Keep your office renovation project on-track with post-construction cleanup services by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.

Special Services

We provide specialized cleaning services to meet the needs of just about any project. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, we can make your office look its best.

Special Services

  • Stripping & Waxing Floors
  • VCT Floor programs
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Deep carpet cleanings
  • Grout Cleanings
  • Monthly plans
  • Quarterly plans
  • Semi-annual plans

Keep your office looking its best with specialized cleaning services by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.