Frequently Asked Questions

What does HighShine Cleaning do?

We are a commercial and janitorial company that provides routine general cleaning services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These services include basic office cleaning, done on a nightly, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis.

Where is HighShine located?

High Shine is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

♦ My facility is NOT located in the Saint Petersburg, FL or surrounding area. Do you still accept bids outside of this region?

Yes! Although High Shine is true to the greater Tampa Bay Area, we do not limit potential relationships. We currently hold contracts from, Orlando to Fort Myers, Florida.

♦ Do you offer any other cleanings, besides Routine Janitorial?

Yes! We also provide cleanings outside of that scope, including, window cleanings, pressure washing, and numerous others. Please check out our Services page.

♦ I don’t want a routine cleaning program right now. Can you still offer a bid on other services?

Yes! Just let us know, as we can schedule a meeting to look over your needs.

♦ What do your routine cleanings include?
Emptying all trash
Refilling paper products in all areas of the facility
Dusting and wiping down all furniture and desks
 Spot cleaning inside windows
 Disinfecting restrooms and kitchens
 Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors

♦ How often do you clean?

As often as you want us to. We provide everything from 7 days a week cleanings to as little as once a month.

♦ Our office is pretty small. Can you clean it?

Yes! We have programs for offices of all sizes.

♦ Do you guarantee your services?

Absolutely, we at High Shine take great pride and responsibility in our work. One of the greatest aspects of working with a family-owned business, is you get to speak directly with us and get a direct and accurate answer to your question. Should any circumstance arise from our work, just give us a call and we’ll make it right.

♦ Are you insured?

Yes. In fact, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, and Personal Injury Liability.

♦ Do you run background checks on your employees?

All of our employees must pass strict third-party background checks before being hired. They are all carefully interviewed and screened to make sure that our clients are getting someone who will respect their office and take proper care.

♦ Do you use sub-contractors, or are your cleaners on payroll?

Most of our routine cleaners are on our own payroll. The cleaning contractors we do use have both General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We have worked with them for many years and have developed very strong partnerships with them that serve our clients well.

♦ Do you have to visit my office in order to give me a bid?

Yes. That way we can see how big your office is, how many bathrooms and individual offices it has, and speak with you about what it is you want us to do. Once we’ve done that, we will put together a customized proposal that addresses your cleaning needs and fits within your budget.

♦ How do you determine what it will cost to clean my office?

Because all offices are different, High Shine Services typically likes to come out and see the facility. The more we know about your location, the better we can determine how to price it. Most facilities are based on square footage.

♦ I feel like I’m paying too much right now for our current service. Can you give me a better price?

Absolutely. First, we need to know how much you’re currently paying, how often you’re having your office cleaned, and what your cleaning includes. we also need to know your square footage. Lastly, we just need to arrange a time to have one of our salespeople drop to see your office in person. Once we know that we can put together a customized plan for you that gets you where you need to be in terms of price and level of service.