Floor Cleaning and Waxing

It’s always underfoot, but rarely noticed unless something is wrong. Your flooring, however, can be a major asset of your commercial operation, letting people know you mind the details and want to maintain a clean environment.

At High Shine Services, we are the floor maintenance experts that many of our commercial neighbors in St. Petersburg, FL turn to for the best quality services available at the lowest prices possible.

Our floor maintenance programs will care for any type of flooring, including hard wood, carpeting, and, particularly, vinyl composite tile (VCT). If you enter almost any commercial office building, school, hospital, library, retail outlet, or other business, you likely will step on a VCT floor. As a result, we have become trained in the proper care and maintenance of these floors to be able to brighten their appearance and extend their lifespans.

We know, for example, that sticking to a schedule of regular maintenance and using the proper products will go a long way to preserve the look of your VCT floor. By using the right products, such as a polyacrylate floor finish, we can keep your floor clean and shiny with less labor and at lower cost.

Our list of floor maintenance services includes:

  • Mopping
  • Stripping and waxing
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Carpet extraction
  • And more
  • Flooring is an expensive item to repair or replace. We at High Shine Services can help you keep your floor looking better for longer and impress the visitors to your commercial location.

    Keep your office looking sharp with floor cleaning and waxing by High Shine Services. Call us today at (727) 327-3993 for a free estimate.